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Representative logistics operator providing a full range of customs clearance of transportation worldwide.

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Delta Logistics Company, is a representative logistics operator providing a full range of services in the sphere of personal and industrial customs clearance transportation worldwide for any cargo.

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available all over the world. Our skilled personnel, utilize the latest communications, and tracking and are combined with experience through integrated supply chain solutions!


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We provide with cargo safety throughout all the stages of our delivery process

Damaging weather conditions, rough handling by carriers, and other common hazards to cargo make insurance an important protection. Depending on international commercial terms, either the supplier (the exporter) or the buyer (the importer) is at risk for the cargo in transit. Without insurance, an exporter/importer could have no recourse. Marine Cargo Insurance is essentially ‘transportation insurance’, since its scope covers all movements of cargo by all modes & means of transport, where there is a contract of carriage.

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Our skilled personnel, utilising communications, tracking and processing software, combined with decades of experience! Through integrated supply chain solutions, Equita drives sustainable competitive advantages to some of Australia’s largest companies.

Organisations talk about building business partnerships, Smart Express Cargo puts into practice evrything other organisations pick of. the team is accessible, relieable and looks out of their customers best intentions

Jeffery B. Client

Smart Express Cargo is doing an excellent job taking care of (our) needs during these trying times with the COVID-19 pandaemic.Everyone has been attnetive to each group and individual needs and it have been a poleasure working with as a whole.

Samila Client

I wanted to express my gratitude to the whole Smart Express Cargo team.They are all quick to respond and get everything we ask of them accomplished.we have some suppliers that are the polar opposite of that and itr is really refreshing when we get outstanding.

Betrand Reev Client